Outer Space



"Tales of Memory" Ogma Magazine, September 2020 (p. 62)

"Row, Row, Row Ya BoatOgma Magazine, August 2020 (p. 23)*

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"The Stolen Stories" Outlander Zine, November 2020

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 "A Diadem of Thorns" Outlander Zine, December 2020

"A Letter to Optimists" Outlander Zine, i01: Mercury, December 2020*

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"Son of SirensOutlander Zine, April 2022*

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"Lovesick" Outlander Zine, forthcoming

Guest Articles

"Finding Your Voice" Madison Siwak, September 2020

"Art So WhiteThe Wanderer's Haven, August 2020


"All You Despise and All You AdmireOutlander Zine, February 2021

"Your Female Character is Better than Strong" JUVEN blog, March 2021*

"The Quiet Fury of Nannerl Mozart" JUVEN blog, March 2021*
"Age Gaps in FantasyJUVEN blog, July 2021

Personal Projects

My blog, Tales From Boredom, is where my weekly nonfiction articles go. My articles typically focus on all things productivity,  being an artist, gen z culture and other topics of interest.

My Instagram, @talesfromboredom, houses most of my flash fiction and serial pieces, which I post three times a week.

*some of my personal favourites!